An Inconvenient Box Office Bomb

Al Gore's Climate Change sequel has gone down like a lead balloon in the USA.

Al Gore.jpg

Here are the figures from Box Office Mojo, compared to the 2006 version, which was one of the most popular documentaries in history.

An Inconvenient Sequel (2017) compared to An Inconvenient Truth (2006):

  • 80% less per theatre on average
  • 80% less ticket sales in the first 6 weekends
  • Likely to gross no more than 12% of the original ($4m versus $32m)
  • Stalled in ticket revenue in less than 40 days (3 times faster than 2006)
  • Only in 80 theatres after 40 days (original still available in 265 after 100 days)

Is Al Gore now a (bigger) liability to the environmentalist movement?

Data Table.png

Update (14/09) : Dr Roy Spencer (a climate scientist who helps operate one of the temperature measurement satellite systems in orbit and has written a best selling book criticising An Inconvenient Sequel) left me some feedback by email today:

"Nice graph!"

Thanks Roy!